X Factor star ‘rushed to hospital’ following three cosmetic surgeries

The singer has undergone the surgeries in Poland

X Factor star Christopher Maloney has reportedly been rushed to hospital following three cosmetic surgeries.

The singer is suspected to have deep vein thrombosis – a formation of a blood clot within a deep vein.

Chris has recently undergone a sixth nose job, a hair transplant and an operation on his eye lids in Poland alongside his close friend Danniella Westbrook.

Chris was reportedly rushed to hospital after he had no feeling in his legs (Credit: FameFlynet)

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It’s believed that the star woke up with no feeling in his legs following his trip to Poland.

A source told The Sun Online: “Christopher flew home on Saturday after having a hair transplant and surgeries on his eyelids and nose.

“He was fine and recovering as normal, but when he woke up on Tuesday morning he had lost all feeling in one of his legs and he was covered in purple and yellow bruises.

“Chris was absolutely terrified and got to hospital as soon as he could.

“Doctors gave him some blood-thinning drugs and after some observation time, sent him home to recover.

“He can’t stop thinking about how lucky he was – there are so many horror stories about DVT clots travelling in to the heart or lungs.”

Chris and Danniella both underwent surgeries during a trip to Poland (Credit: Instagram)

Speaking about Chris heading to Poland for surgery the insider added: “Chris has always gone to Poland for his surgeries as he knows that they’re trustworthy and do a great job.

“As scary as the experience was, he knew there was a risk that this could happen flying so close to having surgery.”

The star’s management team thanked fans for their devoted support on Twitter today on behalf of Chris.

They wrote: “Our client @ChrisMaloney77 would like to thank everyone for their kind messages of support & hopes to be at full health soon.”

The 39-year-old joined best pal Danniella Westbrook as they both underwent surgery.

Former EastEnders star Danniella underwent a six-hour operation to stop her face from collapsing and another eight-hour op to try and rebuild her jaw.

But now the actress has spoken out AGAINST surgery claiming “surgery isn’t worth it”.

Danniella has recently spoken out against cosmetic surgery (Credit: Instagram)

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She told The Sun: “I’m petrified. I’m petrified that it won’t work, and my face will be ruined, but also that something might go wrong and I won’t wake up at all.

“I am never going to look the same ever again. People don’t realise surgery isn’t worth it. So what if you’re not perfect? Nobody’s perfect.

“But if your body has the wrong reaction to surgery, you’re screwed.

“You could spend the rest of your life getting something fixed you didn’t need in the first place.”