Me-ow! X Factor star brands Kim Kardashian a terrible role model

Reality star is slated for a lack of talent and THAT tape!

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She may not have said boo to goose on The X Factor, but that Emily Middlemas is no shrinking violet.

Speaking this week, she launched a scathing attack on talent-free stars such as Kim Kardashian.

When asked by ED!’s Andy West if it bugs her that stars such as Ms Kardashian become successful for having a big bum or making a sex tape, she made it clear she’s no fan, suggesting she thinks she’s a bad role model for kids.

“Yes it does bug me when lots of people work hard to be successful.

“I don’t actually think it’s a very nice thing for young kids to look up to. Can you imagine some young kid asking their mum, ‘How did Kim K get famous?’ And their mum’s like ‘Erm…’”

The Scottish lass added: “I think stars like that give people a bad impression.

“I’m so against young kids looking up to people like that with no clothes on in music videos and twerking and with their boobs out.

Emily, who is just 18, says she is worried that kids are growing up way too fast and thinks that they should be taught to respect themselves by those in the public eye.

I think kids are having to become so sassy, they are wearing so much make up and they are looking up to the likes of Kim K and that all these kind of people the and saying, ‘I wanna be like them’.

“It should be about respecting your body.”

She told Andy that she wasn’t a big fan of shows such Geordie Shore and Ex On The Beach but said the stars of these shows should be giving their young fans some moral guidance.

“I don’t mind these shows if they say to the younger kids just be true to who you are and don’t expose yourself online.

“It’s not a nice thing to see a 14-year-old all done up online. If I were on the show I’d be the type of person who’d be standing in the corner.”

From the sounds of it, Emily’s concert for kids comes from her excitement about becoming a mum one day.

The singer, who is on The X Factor tour next spring, says she hopes to have three kids one day, probably with TV boyfriend Ryan Lawrie,

“I love kids so much and I will be so excited to have my own little family,” she told Andy!

“I will raise them to have so much respect for other people and respect for themselves. I am so excited about being a mum.”

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