X Factor star attacks Katie Price after TV appearance

Singer angry at Katie using a certain word.

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Katie Price has stood by her use of the n-word on live TV but one X Factor star is not impressed.

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Gifty Louise – remember her? –  has slammed Katie on Twitter saying anyone who is white shouldn’t use the offensive term.

The singer wrote: “I really don’t care whatever situation it is, if you’re white don’t use the word simple.”

Then Gifty got some criticism herself. One tweeter said: “”If you’re white” so is it not classed as racism if a black person was to use the word? No one should use this word no matter what colour”

Katie has – as always – stood up for herself though. She posted a video after saying the word on This Morning, after Phillip Schofield told her off for saying it twice.

Taking to Twitter, she said: “Yes I have just said that on live TV. This is why!”

“I’ve just been on This Morning and I’ve made the headlines for using the N-word.

“Yes, I did use the N-word because that’s what people call my son.

“They call him a blind N-word,  they call him a G-word, so I’m glad I’ve made headlines using that word.”

She continued: “I want to get it out there because it’s not acceptable.

“There’s all people out there who have to put up with that kind of abuse and because I’m in the public eye I have to speak about it and it’s got to stop.

“Online bullying has to stop. Please sign my petition and get these online horrible trolling bullies off.”

Katie was on the This Morning to defend her son Harvey from trolls who regularly single him out due to his colour, illness and weight.

Katie is calling for the police to do more to punish online trolls. She says people who have been arrested in the past for picking on Harvey have been released without having to face any charges.

She currently has more than 10,000 signatures for her petition. It’s getting noticed in Westminster, with a select committee set to look at it.

Katie said on This Morning: “”Someone called him a black, blind N-word. Is that not strong enough to get arrested?”

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Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby agreed with her, and they said: “Yes, it’s deeply offensive, and people will be offended by the fact it’s been said today.”

She later said it again, as she said: “Calling my son a N-word isn’t acceptable.”

And Phillip sharply told her: “You don’t need to say it again.”