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X Factor rejects make even more outrageous ‘fix claim’

Dermot's shocked face is all of us

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We all know how some singers would do anything for fame, but have sex?!


Duo Bratavio were the first act to get the boot from The X Factor live shows, and they claim they have come to realise the real reason…

The singers, Brad and Ottavio, were known for being pretty, uh, weird, and managed to grab themselves a spot on Celebrity Juice tonight on ITV2 last night.

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The mad pair, who were also joined by Louis Walsh, revealed that they should have bonked their way to the top.

During filming, Keith Lemon asked them: “Why do you think you were voted out the show so early?”

Brad fired back: “Because we didn’t sleep with the right people.”


Ottavio also jumped in and blurted out: “That’s what you said to us last week in the corridor Louis!”

Louis and these boys are such wags! There is, OF COURSE, no evidence that anything of *that* nature has gone on!

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Louis just sat there looking a bit stunned and Keith told everybody that the show is now “boring as f*** without the crazy duo”.

Keith really has a way with words, doesn’t he?

When asked what they plan to do next, Brad said: “I’m going on Jeremy Kyle for a DNA test.”

Sounds fun!

We have a funny feeling that we’re not getting rid of these two for a long time…