X Factor in Ofcom probe after contestant dropped F-bomb before 9pm

Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls is also in trouble!

The X Factor is to be investigated following complaints by viewers that a contestant swore on air before the 9pm watershed.

Broadcast regulator Ofcom is looking into the incident in which one of the X Factor hopefuls said: “I f*****g told you so.”

X Factor 2016

An Ofcom spokesperson said: “Ofcom is investigating this programme, which included the most offensive language before the 9pm watershed.”

Viewer complaints about the welfare of a crocodile killed for food on Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls have been assessed but will not be further investigated, the media watchdog also confirmed.

A total of 150 viewers complained about the episode of the Channel 4 show which was part of the broadcaster’s Stand Up To Cancer programming special.

Bear Grylls

The episode saw 10 celebrities, including Made In Chelsea star Ollie Locke, braving the elements in the name of charity.

After the celebrity contestants catch a crocodile, Locke is seen straddling the reptile, before killing it humanely with a knife.

An Ofcom spokesperson said: ”We assessed several complaints about a crocodile being killed for food in this well-established, post-watershed programme.

“We accepted the scene had the potential to upset viewers. However, given the survival theme of the programme, we found it to be in keeping with viewers’ expectations.

“Channel 4 confirmed to us that participants had received training on how to hunt and kill the crocodile humanely and the programme’s survival and safety team observed the killing and were content that appropriate steps were followed.”

Following the episode, Channel 4 said: ”The premise of the series is to see if celebrities, when stripped of all the conveniences of modern life, have what it takes to survive and feeding themselves is a fundamental part of this.

“Those on the island all received training on how to kill animals humanely and this was utilised properly in each instance.”

An incident on BBC Radio 1 in which the word ‘f****d’ was used twice has also been resolved.

During the show Dance Anthems, a song using the swear word was played during a live broadcast from Ibiza on a Saturday afternoon.

“While this material was broadcast at a time when children were likely to be listening, this version of the song was played in error and the BBC had warned the DJs before the broadcast against using offensive language,” Ofcom explained.

“The presenter also apologised immediately. As a result, we consider the matter resolved.”