X FACTOR: Nicole aghast as viewer flashes her live on TV!

One shocker after another.

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My, my, what a controversial weekend it was on The X Factor and its ITV2 spin-off!

Not only did Little Mix’s scantily clad performance of their new single Shout Out To My Ex leave viewers blushing on the main show, a fan of the show’s Skype appearance on The Xtra Factor had the judges aghast!

During the viewer phone-in Rylan Clark-Neal and Matt Edmonson welcomed handsome X Factor fan James on to the show via Skype.

As he was laid out across a kitchen counter, wearing just a flimsy looking dressing gown and accompanied by various bottles of champers, viewers could quite wisely sense danger from the outset!

When James asked Louis about what he was enjoying most about being back on the show, Rylan cheekily chipped in: “James, I’ve got to ask – are you a bit nippy?”, to which James replied, sipping on a flute of bubbly: “I’m OK, they’ve just put the heating on.”

Worried that the audience may be about to see more than they bargained for, a concerned Nicole told the frisky X Factor fan that she could see there was “a little bit of a tuckage situation going on”.

Then as the camera cut back to the panel, the audience erupted into hysterics as James (sadly off screen) appeared to flash more than he bargained for with Sharon squealing, ‘You missed it!’

Meanwhile Simon Cowell put his foot in it when he made a lewd joke at Rylan’s expense.

During Saturday’s ITV2 spin off, Simon shocked viewers when he joked that he thought that Rylan “liked the back door”, before hastily apologising, after realising that the PC-brigade would no doubt have kicked off.

While Rylan, Matt and the panel were pretended to be shocked by the comment, quick-witted Rylan played up to the comment, slid along the table toward Simon and teased, “Oh Simon… do you want me to show you how much I like the back door?”

While Simon said “I apologise. I shouldn’t have said that – sorry, sorry, sorry.”

While overly sensitive viewers took offence to the remark, Rylan took to Twitter to say it was just a laugh, admitting he “wasn’t offended at all”.