X Factor legend offers new stars stark warning about their future

Show runner up says he was pushed into doing an album he didn't want to do!

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So The X Factor is over for another year and thank God for that – we’re exhausted.

But of course this means that for winner Matt Terry and runners ups such as Saara Aalto, 5 After Midnight and series superstar Honey G, the hard work is only just about to begin.

And it looks like things are already looking pretty rosy for the wannabe pop stars.

Honey G is releasing her debut single The Honey G Show in time for Christmas, while there are rumours that Saara will duet with Adam Lambert and that the X Factor boy band will team up with Clean Bandit, who they performed with on the Saturday episode of the final.

But we all know that the path to longevity is hard and that in this cruel world of pop, young stars are chewed up and spat out on a regular basis.

One X Factor runner-up knows only too well how hard life can be as a pop star and has offered this year’s stars a stark warning about what life could offer this year’s finalists after the X.

Jahmene Douglas has said that in spite of scoring a number one debut album back in 2013, he felt let down by his record label who pushed him into recording an album he didn’t want to do.

“I made my album as good as it possibly could be, being a covers album,” he EXCLUSIVELY told ED’s Andy West in his AndyVision interview. “Stevie Wonder is on there, Nicole Scherzinger is on there, but it wasn’t my choice to make a cover album.”

Jahmene explained that he’d rather have been developed as an artist and been given the chance to produce an album of original songs.

Now he says he has learnt from his experience and understands that the industry is all about making dosh!

“It’s all to do with the record label being able to churn something out within the year you are on the show and make the money quick.

“It’s heartbreaking to be part of that churn. You think, you come second and that they would give you the time of day to invest a bit more in you. But to put out a covers album is a bit of a cop out.

“I mean, they’ve taken a year out with this artist to make something with them and then they make a cover album. What was that whole year for?”

Jahmene also revealed that it had taken some time for him to get over the experience of having to churn out a paint-by-numbers album and is much more pleased with his latest effort, Unfathomable Phantasmagoria.

“I was very frustrated having to do that album. So for the past three years, it has been very difficult for me to get back on top of what my mission is.

“I had the position, I had the number one album. When you focus on position you stray from you mission, so now I focus on my what my purpose is.”