X Factor: Why are the judges still loving Honey G?

No matter how bad she is, the judges are still full of praise

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There is something strange going on with the X Factor.

While the viewers at home control their desire to put a foot through their television sets as Honey G raps up a storm on the ITV singing competition, there are four people that think she’s the best thing since bread came sliced.

Honey G declared herself the UK’s best rapper, forgetting everyone from Mercury Prize winning Skepta to Stormzy in the process and riling the viewers at home.

But somehow, the X Factor judges are still loving Honey G’s act.

They are also buying in to it so much that they think Honey is getting better week on week. Could it be that the middle-aged rapper is going all the way to the final?

If it was down to the viewers that take to social media when Honey is performing, it seems that she will be thrown out of the process…

Is it time for viewers to put an end to this joke? It did, after all, end being funny some weeks ago.

Will that be Honey’s final performance on this year’s X Factor?

Not a chance, if the judge’s gushing praise was anything to go by.

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