The X Factor: Has Honey G just proved that she’s going all the way?

Is the tide turning in her favour?

There is something strange happening on the X Factor.

For weeks, Honey G has been upheld as everything that is wrong with the ITV singing competition but this time there was a different response on social media to her performance.

It seemed that viewers may have actually enjoyed her rendition of Jump.

Well, maybe not everyone but there was actually some positive vibes out there and seeing that Honey G has been getting the votes, despite her slating online.

The would-be rapper even added some content to her performance this week and it could be that her dream of making the final could actually become a reality.

Honey G continues to get the backing of the judges.

Simon Cowell has declared that she brings more to the competition than just a voice and suggested that the entertainment that Honey gives is more than enough to see her through.

The man himself now believes it’s not just down to being a singing competition and a path has been paved for Honey to reach the final.

Has Honey G got the X Factor? Well, it seems that she might be one of the few left that has something different to offer and people at home are warming to it.

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