X Factor FURY as judges choose to save Honey G from the chop

The path is now set for Honey to go through to the final

We are getting to the business end of this series of X Factor.

The wheat is being sorted from the chaff and those that are left are serious contenders for the crown.

There are three weeks to go after this and there seems to be no stopping Honey G at the moment… or is there?

Well, when the public finally forget to vote for her and send Honey into a sing-off with Ryan Lawrie, then you thought that her time was up.

It appears not though. Ryan was obviously nervous when delivering his song but you would thought that his natural talent would’ve been enough.

Honey was giving it large to Missy Elliot’s ‘Get Your Freak On’ and that seemed to be enough to sway the judges in her favour.

The writing was on the wall for Ryan from the moment that Simon Cowell plumped for Honey to stay in the ITV singing contest (despite not actually singing once during the whole competition).

Of course, the viewers at home were apoplectic.

After finally sending Honey G into the bottom two, they thought that would be enough to show that they’d had enough of being fed Honey over the weeks.

The word ‘Fix’ was then bandied around social media with much regularity, as viewers couldn’t come to terms with what they saw.

With that decision taken by the judges, it would seem that there is now no stopping Honey G’s march to the final.

Well, would you bet against it happening?

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