X Factor FIX? Viewers angry as controversial act is voted through

Another 'talented' singer goes and there is uproar

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There seems to be growing confusion among X Factor viewers as to how would-be rapper Honey G is surviving week after week in the ITV singing competition.

If social media is to be used as a gauge of opinion, then X Factor would no longer be dripping in Honey.

As viewers took to Twitter to question who is actually voting for her, there is increased belief that a higher force is keeping her in the show.

There is no doubt that Honey G is the most talked about act in this year’s show and it is certain that X Factor producers would love her to continue as she dominates the column inches on entertainment pages.

There was plenty of fury as Honey G survived and Gifty Louise was kicked off the show, after she was plunged in to a sing-off with Four of Diamonds.

With viewers getting a little peeved at another ‘proper’ singer losing their place at the expense of Honey, it seems that the amount of people watching the show will continue to drop.

Last weekend, X Factor was over a million viewers short of Strictly Come Dancing and it seems that the tide of love for the ITV show is well and truly against it.

However much the judges seem to like Honey G, could they actually be praising the one act that could end up breaking the show for viewers?