X Factor fans question Nicole’s relationship with Matt Terry

They apparently seem very close and romance is rumoured

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Is romance blossoming on this year’s X Factor?

The nation has become obsessed with Honey G’s every move and utterance but in the shadows, there seems to be cupid firing his arrows in all directions.

Viewers of the ITV singing competition have turned their attention onto judge Nicole Scherzinger and one of the acts that she is mentoring, Matt Terry.

Nicole’s reaction to Matt winning through last week certainly raised suspicions.

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Eventhough Matt has seemingly sailed through each week of the competition, it didn’t stop her from jumping and straddling him, much to show supremo Simon Cowell’s surprise.

It is believed that the pair have become increasingly closer over recent weeks.

The spontaneous public show of affection may have just outed exactly how together the pair have become.

It certainly wasn’t lost on the viewers at home.

Viewer also pointed out that Ryan Lawrie, the other act under her mentorship, certainly doesn’t get the same affection or support.

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The one person that seems to be overlooked in this is tennis player Grigor Dimitrov.

The hunky sportsman has apparently found love with Nicole over the past couple of months.

Nicole and Matt are obviously just very good friends.