X Factor EXCLUSIVE: Honey G tells haters to ‘Go f*** themselves’ in defiant fight back

The rapper says people need to understand she’s just like Missy Elliott

Honey G has proven she ain’t too sweet to stick up for herself.

ED! columnist Andy West grilled her like toast on claims she was fake and she hit back, from behind the now iconic sunglasses and snapback cap.

She told me: “I’ve just been focusing on the competition, not worrying about what people have been saying online.

“Obviously there’s people saying ‘er, you shouldn’t have gone through’ but basically I’ve made it here so it’s just like f*** you I’m through. Middle finger to them.”

The ‘G’ must stand for gangsta. She should hook up with my Big Brother pal Chelsea Singh!

I pressed her on the speculation that she’s just playing a character and really she’s just a normal mid-thirties woman.

I couldn’t see her eyes behind the shades but I sensed I was being glared at, and fair play this lady does not take any nonsense from anybody let me tell you!

Honey G continued: “People have been saying I’m fake blah blah blah.

“Basically these people are called haters and haters are heat seekers, they go online and they want to start arguments, they wanna cuss people off.

“Well they need to check themselves because they’re not gonna get anywhere they don’t know who they’re ramping with.”

I wasn’t trying to ‘ramp’ with anybody, least of all Honey G but I wanted to know, is she on a level with the world’s biggest rap stars? She says yes.

“I’ve been a musician the whole of my life and I’ve been involved in urban music for a very large part of my life so I’m no different to people who came through like Pharrell, Jay Z, Timberland, Missy Elliott.

“I’m a heavyweight producer I’m not a bedroom producer. I’m on like another level, I’m the finished article.”

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That may be the case but I did want to know how her song choices were going. She’s a hard worker this one.

So is Honey being spread too thin during rehearsals?

She replied: “My rehearsal’s been going really well. There have been some last minute changes to my track but obviously I’ve got it all covered.

“Basically they’re putting a spin on a track for me to rap on. I’m not gonna be singing on Saturday night.”

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But will the viewers be singing her praises or waving goodbye?

I hope whatever happens, she gives it her all tonight. Worldwide rap star or not she’s definitely got something.

The X Factor airs Saturday and Sunday, 8pm on ITV.

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