X Factor EXCLUSIVE: Bratavio say they’ve been THREATENED: ‘We’ll batter you!’

The flamboyant duo say they’re ignoring their online haters

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Bradley and Ottavio have had their fair share of online abuse since first popping up on the X Factor, in the midst of a hilarious row over undercooked chicken.

Since then, the roasting hasn’t stopped and the boys say it’s gay trolls giving most of the sass, with some even threatening violence!

ED! columnist Andy West sat down with them in the canteen during rehearsals and the glam due spoke openly about how the hate is affecting them.

For a start, Bradley can’t sleep!

“We’re overwhelmed not nervous we just want to put on a show,” he said, not looking even a bit tired.

He then added: “Last night I woke up at 1am, 2am, 3am. People are afraid to see something different.

“They need to open their minds.”

Ottavio chipped in, rolling his eyes and brushing his perfectly-powdered brow.

“I definitely don’t mind if people have an opinion I just don’t like when it gets personal.

“Some people aren’t ready but they better be, cos were coming!”

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Bradley leans in and says: “There’s been some homophobia and some internalised homophobia from the gay community who say we disgraced the gay community apparently.

“But we never said we were the ambassadors for it anyway.”

Ottavio, dressed in a fur jacket and denim hot pants flings his arms out: “We’re not running for mayor!

“There’s been Facebook posts saying if we went to Manchester, people were going to batter us.”

Bradley is working a cool ice cream-coloured rainbow shirt. His hair is silver to match his sneakers.

“My sexual preference doesn’t have anything to do with the way I perform.

“I can’t pay attention to it because it would just take over my head.”

And their co-finalists agree. Heart throb Freddie Parker, 18, from the boys group which is being mentored by Nicole Sherzinger, told Andy: “I feel bad about the stick they’re getting because when you get to know them they’re the loveliest boys ever.

“I can see why they’re getting hate but if people got to know them they’d see they’re such nice people.”

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But Freddie what about the fans who say other acts deserved to get through more?

He fiddles with his amazing blonde quiff before saying: “Everyone here does deserve their place.

“It’s the X Factor so it’s not about being a musician or singing it’s undefinable and every act has the X factor in the final.”

His co-finalist Ryan Lawrie, 20, added: “As soon as you see them in the morning they’ll have full makeup on, gems, the lot! They’re constantly energetic and it’s amazing.”

The Ottavio boys will be performing their take on the ‘Express Yourself’ theme in the live show I’m not allowed to give anything away but I saw their rehearsal and there were backing dancers and zebras. Say no more.

The X Factor live shows begin on ITV tonight at 8pm.

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