X Factor chaos as act is too ill to sing ahead of live show

This is a week after Freddy Parker said he was too ill to perform

One of the stars of the X Factor live shows could be facing elimination this weekend after they were put on vocal rest.

A similar fate befell Freddy Parker last week and he has claimed that this what ultimately cost him his place in the finals.

There is a worry though that Sharon Osbourne’s act, Relley C, could even be too ill to compete in the next show.

The 26-year-old singer was spotted out side X Factor rehearsals with a voice rest sign around her neck.

This means that she has to have total silence, including not even speaking and definitely not singing.

So far, Relley has been unable to rehearse her chosen number and she only has a couple more days to save her vocal chords enough to belt it out at the weekend.

She has been spotted with a vocal steamer in hand, as she looks to find a way of nursing her voice back to health.

The steamer will hopefully help to re-hydrate and then soothe her vocal chords.

It is also meant to help reduce any swelling as well.

Freddy Parker, who lost out in a sing-off to Saara Aalto, has laid the blame on voice rest for his departure.

The 18-year-old said that it “negatively impacted” his performance.

Speaking to Lorraine, he said: “I was on voice rest so much, out of all the contestants I was on voice rest the most.

“I did feel that had a really negative impact on my experience because I couldn’t speak to people and I’m such a talkative person.”

He added: “So having to hold back, I went around with my steamer and honey, lemon and ginger: I must have drunk about 10 gallons!

“On my last day on the show I didn’t speak all day in case I had to do the sing off.”

Let’s hope that Relley makes it, just for the sake of not giving Honey G a pass to the next round!