Wow! Jedward look a lot different now…

The X Factor duo have sure grown up!

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Come on, let’s be honest! As handsome as they are, very few of us ever considered Jedward to be, er,  sex symbols.

Well, not unless you were one of their dearest, devoted fans.

But check out these pics of Edward and you might change your mind!

Like wow, right? Who’d have thought he’d grow in to such a strapping young man?

Yep, one half of the Irish pop duo has shown off his modelling credentials by posing for a series of saucy pics that not only reveal a rather taut and tasty bod, but also a little bit more than we need to see!

Yes, in the back and white shots, the saucy scamp is seen wearing his jeans a little on the low side, showing off… well… take a look and see for yourself.

Now what would their mother say, eh? Well, bearing in mind she is actually their manager and most likely approved of the shots, we reckon she must be pretty proud of her grown up son.

Of course, the super sexy pics sent their fans into foaming frenzy.

One commented on Edward’s happy trail: “@planetjedward going down that pathway to heaven,” while another tweeted: “@planetjedward Holy s*** man your on fire your an amazing model. x”

However one fan – Pauliina – wasn’t content with what was on offer in the pics and demanded to see MORE!

It’s been a while since we heard a peep from Jedward, but fear not, they’ve still been beavering away releasing songs, most recently a corking wee tune called Hologram.

But be prepared to see a lot more of the boys in the near future as they are strongly rumoured to be entering the up coming Celebrity Big Brother Allstars!