Wow! Do you recognise this talented hunk?

This is a throwback we can Never Forget...

Now this takes us all back to his boyband days…

It’s hard to believe that this old school pic is of the one and only Gary Barlow!

The Take That star has been a slim and slender chap for so long that people have forgotten that he used to really struggle with his weight.

Gary has taken up yoga and takes care of his body by maintaining a super healthy lifestyle.

Despite having such a busy schedule packed full of TV appearances, touring, parenting AND daily rehearsals, the singer makes sure he’s cautious when it comes to his waistline.

The 45-year-old posted to Twitter over the weekend to share one of his healthy tips, a ginger and apple shot.

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He also shared a selfie just before his yoga workout. Check out those muscles!

Back in 1999, the former X Factor judge was a whopping 17 stone, but he decided to turn his life around after constantly trying new diets that didn’t work for him.

Speaking to The Mirror, he explained: “I’ve made big changes. I take exercise more seriously now and I’m big on well-being. I eat well, do an acupuncture session as week and I try to sleep well and do things to aid good sleep.

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“I don’t eat sugar, I don’t eat fried foods and I stay away from McDonald’s and chips, and things like that. For years I did every diet going – Atkins, the works – and I couldn’t work out why I couldn’t sustain the weight loss.”

Talk about disciplined!

The father-of-three, is currently preparing to launch his own TV show, Let it Shine!

Dannii Minogue, Martin Kemp and Amber Riley will all join Gary for the BBC series.

Of the judging panel, Gary said: “Dannii, Martin and Amber all bring so much to this panel with the breadth of experience in music, acting, stage and TV. I can’t wait to get started – it’s going to be epic!”

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