Worst one yet? Jeremy Kyle guest threatens to stamp on host’s head

He also wished that his ex would die during childbirth

Jeremy Kyle viewers had a field day while watching Tuesday’s episode of the show.

One guest angrily picked on the audience, and even threatened to stamp on Jeremy’s face after being asked to calm down.

Mark insulted Amanda, Jeremy and the audience during Tuesday’s show (Credit: ITV)

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Mark was on the chat show after he refused to believe that he was the biological father of his former partner Amanda’s baby son, Kai.

The angry guest, from Leeds, was with Amanda for only six months and made her get an abortion when she became pregnant for the first time.

Shockingly, during her second pregnancy with Kai, Mark also said he wished she would die during childbirth, and walked out on her.

Poor Amanda said that Mark walked out on her after she refused to get an abortion (Credit: ITV)

Mark was waiting backstage, but stormed over to the host and Amanda shouting: “Who do you think you’re talking to?””.

The audience laughed at his appearance, as he only had four teeth.

Jezza asked why he kept saying ‘yeah’ every time he spoke, to which Mark replied: “‘Cos I’m from Leeds, fam'”.

The audience found his behaviour comical (Credit: ITV)

The entire studio erupted in laughter. Of course, this really angered the feisty guest.

At one point, Mark ran towards the front of the stage and shouted threateningly to an audience member.

“What you staring at? Muppet, I’ll take your girl from you”, he said.

Mark even said he could take an audience member’s girlfriend from him (Credit: ITV)

The other man replied: “With your teeth? Are you having a laugh?”

Mark then turned on Jezza and after calling him a nasty name, then said: “I’ll squash your nose with the bottom of my shoe, mate.”

Security Steve launched himself on stage to protect the host, while Mark stamped his feet pretending to attack Jeremy.

The 51-year-old then said: “I’m surprised you’re even able to make a woman pregnant, looking at you.”


Security Steve had to step in twice, with Mark eventually being told to leave the set (Credit: ITV)

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If that wasn’t enough, after taunting Jeremy some more, he threatened to “get hold of” the presenter, before being asked to leave by security.

Oh, and yes, the DNA results proved that he was in fact the father to four-month-old Kai.

We suggest they stay as far away from him as possible.

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