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Wondering how to book your COVID vaccine? Facebook will soon be able to tell you

Over-70s are complaining of having to travel 'miles and miles' for theirs

Brits wanting to know how to book their COVID vaccine could soon be getting information from a rather unusual source.

Social media platform Facebook will this week offer its users help in finding out where to book their coronavirus vaccine.

Users will find links to the NHS website within its COVID-19 Information Hub.

It’s the largest campaign promoting authoritative information worldwide.

COVID vaccine for all adults by autumn
The vaccine drive is rolling out and more people are being encouraged to book (Credit: Pexels)

How will the NHS benefit from the Facebook COVID Information Hub?

The social media platform is also offering almost £90 million in free advertising credit to health authorities.

This will help the NHS reach tens of millions of people with important public health information.

Facebook has also added a number of new items to its banned list of false claims associated with the virus.

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This is to prevent misinformation stopping people from booking their COVID vaccine.

All claims that state the virus is man-made or manufactured, as well as claims that face masks do not stop the virus spreading will be deleted.

The over-70s have said they’re being told to travel miles once they book their vaccine (Credit: Pexels)

Over-70s can book their vaccine now

Meanwhile, in other COVID vaccine news, all over-70s can now book their vaccine if they haven’t yet been contacted by the NHS to receive theirs.

They have been urged to book the vaccine with the NHS via the online booking form here.

However, some over-70s have claimed they’ve been instructed to travel as far as 60 miles to get their vaccine.

This is despite a vaccination hub being just a short walk from their home.

Over-70s having problems when they try to book a vaccine

After Matt Hancock announced the news about how to book a vaccine last night, many took to Twitter to claim they’d been having problems.

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“Tried to book a COVID vaccination online tonight as instructed by Mr Hancock, nearest centre I was offered was 26 miles away, the furthest 56 miles away,” they said.

“The actual nearest is two miles then six and eight miles,” they added.

The person wasn’t alone.

Another said: “Over 70 with cerebral palsy but has not been called up for a #vaccine… go online to try to book an appointment for him… the nearest #vaccination centre according to the @NHS website (bearing in mind there is one in his town centre)? … 37.1 miles away!! How does that work?! ”

I am over 70 and have received a letter offering me a vaccine at a centre 25 miles away,” said another.

Matt Hancock on GMB
Matt Hancock has urged all over-70s who haven’t had the vaccine to book theirs (Credit: ITV)

‘Why can out mother only get a vaccine many many miles away?’

Another commented: “All very well advising those over 70 to book their vaccine if they’ve not had it, but my mum (75) can’t travel for hers as she doesn’t drive, and the nearest place available currently is 11 miles away.

“My dad was able to go locally so they should find her an appointment in my opinion,” said another.

Why can our mother only get a vaccine many many miles away? It’s ludicrous!” another slammed.

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