Women warned to stop putting toothpaste on their vaginas to ‘tighten them’

Please don't do this..

It appears women are really taking desperate measures to spruce up their vaginas as a new utterly bizarre method has emerged.

Ladies are apparently applying toothpaste to their privates (yep, really) to try and tighten their vaginas.

A string of articles and tweets have been shared online claiming the dental product can be used to tighten the vagina and increase men’s sexual pleasure during intercourse.

Ladies are apparently applying toothpaste to their privates to try and tighten their vaginas (Credit: Wenn)

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Even more bizarrely, some women believe it can also clean their genitals.

However, unsurprisingly, doctors have warned women against using the product on their private area.

Vanessa Mackay, consultant gynaecologist and spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, told The Sun: “It is a myth that toothpaste will tighten the vagina.

“Putting toothpaste into the vagina, or on the vulva, would not only be uncomfortable but it could also cause serious damage and disrupt the natural flora of the vagina leading to the potential for infections like bacterial vaginosis and thrush.”

Couple in bed
The method apparently increases men’s sexual pleasure during sex (Credit: Wenn)

Toothpaste can likely cause an infection and pain if used on your privates as it is often abrasive and will cause painful microabrasions to the vagina walls.

Dr Oluwole Yusuf, a medical doctor in Nigeria, told the News Agency of Nigeria: “Toothpaste is caustic and too abrasive for a sensitive body part like the vagina and using such on it can destroy the organisms meant to protect the vagina from possible infections.

It is a myth that toothpaste will tighten the vagina.

“When the vagina can no longer protect itself, the body is prone to infections which could later destroy the tubes and block the chances of getting pregnant.”

The trend comes after men were rubbing toothpaste on their penises to last longer in bed.

A YouTuber, Jose Barber, claimed the method would “crush premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction without dangerous drugs – and you’ll last for 30 minutes longer”.

Doctors have warned women to stop putting toothpaste on their genitals (Credit: Wenn)

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However, as you can imagine, experts warned against it saying it could lead to severe damage.

Meanwhile, over the summer, women were warned to stop putting ice lollies inside their vaginas to cool down in the heatwave.

Dr Sarah Welsh, the co-founder of HANX condom brand, told Metro: “There are many things that should never go near a vagina and ice lollies are up there. The ice can stick to the delicate skin of the vagina and cause real trauma and damage.

“What’s more, putting any foodstuff inside your vagina can introduce microbes, disrupting its normal balance and allowing an environment for bacteria to grow and infections to develop.”

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