Woman wakes up to find she’d been drunk texting Gatwick Airport

Definitely more original than texting the ex...

Most people feel fear the morning after the night before, because many of us like to text our exes something that we will totally regret when sober

But not Twitter user Annievicvic.

After a boozy night on the town, Annie picked up her phone to see if she’d text anyone in her drunken state.

And what she found was absolutely hilarious.

Annie got so smashed she texted the airport

She had sent a text, but it wasn’t to an ex…

She’d only gone and messaged Gatwick Airport.


Annie slid into Gatwick Airport’s messages at 5.19 am which read: “Hey xx everything okay xx”.

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She found it so funny, she decided to share it on Twitter and within minutes, it went viral.

She wrote: “Most people drunk text their ex or someone they fancy…. Not me…. What the actual f*** was going through my drunken mind”.

She also added: “That’s probably the funniest thing I’ve done when drunk”.

The tweet has become very popular with users, with many responding to share their amusement.

One wrote: “I love this so much. Airports need love sometimes, you know?”

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Annie even got a direct response from Gatwick Airport’s Twitter account, who wrote: “U ok hun? We’re good. Thanks for asking xx.”

Twitter user Annie even got a hilarious reply from the airport

Annie shared the reply, but why she wanted to see if the airport was “ok” remains a mystery.

Well, at least you didn’t start chatting up an old flame!