Woman urged to leave husband who insists on POOING in front of her

We're not sure we'd stick around either…

Not everyone appears to be feeling the love a week before Valentine’s Day.

While some are stocking up on champagne and planning three-course feasts, others are wondering whether to leave their other half over his disgusting habits.

And we can’t say we blame the woman, who says her husband of three years goes to the toilet in front of her.

And we are talking about a number two here people!

An anonymous Mumsnet user listed her husband’s bad habits and asked if she should leave him (Credit: Cover Images)

Chatting on Mumsnet, the anonymous woman said she was going through a “rough patch” with her hubby.

She said they haven’t had sex for “months” and, as a result, they are “questioning the marriage”.

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She revealed: “Recently I’ve started to think about how disgusting some of his habits are. Many of these have developed over the years as he’s become more comfortable in the marriage and I wonder whether this is what has caused the spark to go for me.”

The user the went on to list some of his “worst” habits.

First up, she said: “Loudly passing wind, often in the middle of me talking to him.”

Your husband is a lazy, slovenly, ill-mannered, slobbish sex pest with no consideration for your wants and needs. I suggest you leave him.

While that could be forgiven, the next is a bit of a deal-breaker. She posted: “Sh**ting in the en-suite with the door open, whilst I’m in the bedroom.”

The woman also pointed out his “general laziness/procrastination around house” and the fact that he doesn’t help her carry the “mental load”.

The woman said the couple are “questioning” their marriage (Credit: Pexels)

Pestering for sex “on a daily basis” and “groping” her while she’s cooking also made the list.

Her hubby apparently refuses to accept his his habits are anything other than “normal behaviour and just part of living together”.

Admitting she found the habits “disrespectful and not in the slightest bit sexy”, she turned to the online community for help.

“I think he’s lucky you’ve remained with him to be honest,” said one fellow mum.

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Another was a little more direct. She said: “Your husband is a lazy, slovenly, ill-mannered, slobbish sex pest with no consideration for your wants and needs. I suggest you leave him.”

A third agreed: “Felt a bit sick just reading that. totally gross , never mind him questioning the marriage, I would be off.”

Another said: “You have a case of what is known as…. the ICK,” referring to Love Island‘s Leanne dumping Mike.

Some said the woman should leave him as she’ll never recover from the “ick” (Credit: Unsplash)

Another had more balanced advice for the woman.

She said: “I think I’d be tempted to go and stay with a friend and leave a list of things that need to improve if he wants you to come back. Let him think about that.”

Sounds like this mum could be enjoying a “Galentines” day with her pals next Friday instead!

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