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Woman torn over telling friend her husband is cheating – and that the other woman is pregnant

She spotted them at an ante-natal appointment…

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Imagine the scene. You’re heavily pregnant, waiting for a late-running ante-natal appointment at the hospital and in walks your best friend’s husband.

Except he isn’t with your friend. He’s with another woman. They look like they’re in a couple – and she’s pregnant.

What would you do? Tell your friend or let her live in blissful ignorance?

One woman was so torn over whether to tell her pal or not that she took to parenting website Mumsnet and asked its users for help.

The woman saw her friend’s husband obviously romantically linked to another pregnant woman at the hospital (Credit: Unsplash)

The woman said her friend “adored” her husband and she didn’t know what to do.

She said: “Just returned from my ante-natal appointment. While waiting in the room I saw one of my oldest friend’s husbands with a young lady.”

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She added that her friend and her husband hadn’t wanted to try for children themselves so it came as something of a surprise that he was there with another pregnant woman.

“Their actions said they were definitely a couple,” she said and added: “They didn’t notice me. My friend and her husband are still together. She adores him. How do I tell her? What would you do?”

The woman said she was torn over whether to tell her friend (Credit: Unsplash)

The woman added that she was “shocked” when she saw him and “regrets” not speaking to him at the time.

Users on the parenting forum were quick to offer their take, with many urging the woman to tell her friend.

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“You need to tell her,” said one woman, “but there is every chance she won’t believe you. He’ll probably lie through his teeth and say you were seeing things or it was someone else.”

Another added: “Tell her. And tell her quick.”

You need to speak to him. Tell him he tells his wife or you will.

Others said the woman should tell the “cheating” husband to come clean, or she would.

“You need to speak to him. Tell him he tells his wife or you will,” one said.

The woman eventually told her friend, who thanked her for her honesty (Credit: Unsplash)

The Daily Mail reports that, ultimately, the woman decided to tell her friend.

She revealed: “Thankfully she didn’t question my judgement. She believed me straight away but was thinking of excuses for him. I just listened really as I didn’t know what else to do. As far as she is concerned she is happy and he is.”

She added: “She thanked me for being honest, which if I am honest made me cry. Wishing that the hospital had been on time and I might not have seen him. But I know she needs to know so maybe it was for the best.”

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