Woman ‘infects pet cat with coronavirus’

Deadly virus reported to have been detected in the pet's faeces

A cat in Belgium has contracted coronavirus from its owner, according to a report.

News outlets are claiming the infection is the third case of transmission of coronavirus from a human to an animal.

According to numerous reports, the deadly virus was detected in the pet’s faeces after it is said to have suffered a spell of vomiting, breathing problems and diarrhoea.

The cat – from Liege, in Belgium’s Wallonia area – is now believed to be recovering from coronavirus.

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Virologist Professor Steven Van Gucht said during a Public Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment press conference: “The veterinary medicine faculty in Liege reported that a coronavirus infection has been determined in a cat.

“The cat lived with her owner, who started showing symptoms of the virus a week before the cat did.”

There is no reason to abandon your animal.

Van Gucht also noted the incident was an “isolated case” with “no indications” this is a common occurrence.

Belgian officials have requested any concerned owners give their vet as much warning in advance as possible.

The cat is recovering (Credit:

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No reason to abandon pets

The country’s National Council for Animal Protection has also stressed there are no reasons to abandon pets during the coronavirus pandemic.

The organisation makes it clear that while hygienic practices should be observed at all times the transmission in this report came from the human.

“Let’s not go back to a dark medieval period when ignorant people hunt and kill cats for fear that they will pass on the plague,” the National Council for Animal Protection said in a statement.

“We have said it from the beginning of the crisis and we will go on to the end: there is no reason to abandon your animal.

Third reported transmission

It has previously been thought that pets are not likely to suffer with coronavirus – or be able to be infected by humans.

But some news outlets across the world have reported other cases of animals becoming ill with the bug.

Other claimed coronavirus infections include two dogs from Hong Kong.

And a German Shepherd also suspected of having coronavirus did not display symptoms.

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