Woman given £9000 for IVF by George Michael pregnant

It's like a Christmas miracle as mum-to-be announces great news!

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It’s a miracle.

The woman who George Michael secretly gifted with £9000 for IVF has revealed that she has fallen pregnant naturally.

Not only that, she found out she was having a baby the very day George Michael died. Weird, huh?

George had seen Lynette Gillard on TV show Deal or No Deal years back where she had explained to Noel Edmonds that the £3000 money she  had won would be put toward paying for IVF treatment.

So moved by the story was he, that the big-hearted pop singer secretly donated the money to her, although it would be eight years until  she actually discovered who her famous guardian angel was.

Now after nine unsuccessful bouts of IVF, the 38 year old fitness instructor is fifteen weeks pregnant and expecting a baby in September with partner Nathan Hart and is stunned that she thinks he fell pregnant on the day George died.

“I believe in fate, so his death and the pregnancy must be connected.

“It is just so unbelievable. I keep thinking to myself, if the big man is up there looking down on me and this is meant to be, this is the exact time it would have happened.

“Doctors have no rational or scientific explanation for why I got pregnant now after so many years of ‘unexplained infertility’ so it does definitely feel like George is looking over me.

“Nathan and I haven’t used contraception for the last three and a half years and absolutely nothing has happened, so it must be fate. If it isn’t, what is?

“If it’s a boy we definitely want to include his name as a middle name.”

But Lynette wasn’t the only woman that George Michael helped out.

Jo Maidment received £50, 000 from George to help her with her IVF treatment.

See there are good guys out there. Or, at least, there were!

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