Viewers moved as woman tells GMB about missing family in Grenfell Tower blaze

The sister of a missing woman is comforted by Ben Shephard on Good Morning Britain

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The horrific blaze at a west London tower block earlier this week has had the nation united in grief.

But today, viewers of Good Morning Britain were heartbroken by the story told by a woman whose family are still unaccounted for.

The sister of a missing woman was on GMB to talk about the terrible disaster (Credit: ITV)

Sawsan Choucair told Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid that she has not heard from her sister, brother in law, his mother or their three young daughters since the blaze took hold of the Grenfell Tower.

Sawsan Choucair said she spoke to her sister while she was caught up in the fire (Credit: ITV)

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Sawsan said she received a call from her sister, who lived on the 22 second floor of the block, in panic.

“They were screaming and shouting – all I could hear in the background,” she recounted. “I could hear two of them shouting ‘get out’ and try and find an exit or something.”

Since then, she has heard nothing from them, although a friend of a friend has said that Nadia rang her to confirm she was safe.

Swan’s three nieces, their father, their mother and grandmother are still missing (Credit: ITV)

“My other sister spoke to a friend,” she explained. “This friend contacted me and said they’re all safe.

“I haven’t heard anything, nothing at all. They could be in hospital, I don’t know exactly, they could be anywhere.”

Saws said she could hear her nieces screaming int he background on the phone call (Credit: ITV)

Still she had no personal contact, so she and her brother have been scouring the area and local hospitals desperately trying to locate her family.

Sawsan was so upset as she told her story that she started to break down and Ben passed her a tissue to dab her tears.

In spite of her fears and emotions, she managed to say: “I pray for everyone. I hope everyone is safe.”

Viewers were moved by the lady’s traumatic story.

One moved viewer wrote: “Heartbreaking, awful tragedy.”

Another Tweeted: “So sad, that poor woman, hope she finds them safe and well.”

A third complemented GMB for they coverage, adding; “Such an awful tragedy. But really compassionate  and professional broadcasting.”

Susanna was so moved by the story that after the show she Tweeted about the interview.

Meanwhile, there was some good news.

A man who had been seen on GMB waving a white T shirt out of his window waiting to be rescued is alive and well.

Good news. A man seen desperately trying to attract attention was rescued. (Credit: ITV)

During their coverage of the fire on Tuesday morning, the programme kept returning to footage of a partially blind man trying to attract attention.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were so moved by the plight of the man and said they felt  “helpless”.

Piers and Susannah said they felt helpless watching the man trapped in his flat (Credit: ITV)

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Luckily it has been reported that the man, who was stranded not he eleventh floor, is safe and well.