Woman accuses her MUM of sleeping with her boyfriend

The pair were seen grinding on each other in a nightclub

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Your mum is the lady you share pretty much everything with, right?

Well, this mum shares literally everything with her daughter – she was caught grinding on her boyfriend.


Sherri, who is understandably furious, dragged her mum and boyfriend, Brandon, on the Maury show, determined to find out everything.

Sherri had been with her Brandon for seven years, so she was shocked when she received a message that suggested he could be cheating on her… with her own mum.

It gets worse.

Sherri was at home with her daughter – that she shares with Brandon – when she received the text.

The message on Facebook said that her friend had seen boyfriend Brandon and Sherri’s mum Julie out “dirty dancing” in a nightclub together.

It read: “I saw your mum and Brandon at the club. He was dancing all over her.”

The message wasn’t the only evidence that Sherri had to believe her boyfriend was a love-rat.

Another one of her friends spotted Brandon and Julie meeting at a petrol station.

Sherri said: “She happened to pull up to a gas station and see them. Brandon says it’s nothing, but they hang out all the time. They are too friendly.”

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She added: “Brandon and my mum spend a lot of time together.

“They live with me and I am the only one who works.

“If he goes outside to smoke a cigarette she goes out with him – and in the middle of the night too.”

Brandon was quick to defend himself against the accusations, saying: “I look at her like my mother.”

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Maury laughed and said: “I’ve never had my mother grind up on me!”

Julie also argued that she’d done nothing wrong, screaming that her daughter was a “b****”.

Both Brandon and Julie took lie detector tests to see if the pair have slept together behind Sherri’s back.

When asked if he’d slept with Julie while Sherri was at work, Brandon said no.

Maury revealed: “The lie detector determined you are telling the truth.”

Maury then asked if Brandon had slept with Sherri the night they went to the club and the lie detector revealed he was telling the truth when he said no.

He was also asked if Julie had ever made a sexual advance toward him and he refused to answer the question.

Maury then moves on to Julie’s test, he said: “Did you ever make a sexual advance towards Brandon? You said no and the lie detector determined that was a lie.”

Pack your bags Julie, you’re moving out!