Strictly star quits career to help people fight their demons

The singer has suffered from depression and anxiety in the past

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Pop Idol star Will Young was once on top of the world in his music career but not so much now, it would seem.

The talented fella, who appeared briefly in last year’s Strictly, was ditched by his record label last year even though his album went to No. 1.

The music industry is seriously cruel and Will seems to have been battling some demons over the last couple of years.

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Now the 38-year-old heartthrob is looking at taking a new direction.

He’s considering a career in mindfulness, a technique that helps sufferers of anxiety and panic attacks as well as stress and other mental and emotional issues.

Will is set to tour the UK festivals this summer. Nothing new there. But this time he’ll be singing the praises of meditation rather than his chart-topping tracks.

He might well need some positive energy after the crash and burn of his self-released EP, Summer Covers.

Gone sadly are the days when he used to sell millions of copies under massive record labels.

His solo effort managed only a meagre 1,161 downloads from only his most die-hard fans.

A source said: “Will’s music career has lost its way a little so it has come to the point where he needs to start turning his head to other projects.

“Island parted ways with him last year despite the fact his album went to No1 which meant he decided to self-release his EP himself.

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“It is difficult to know how many physical copies he sold but the downloads alone were poor, reaching just over 1,000 in total.

“His new move might be surprising but it something very important to him. He has practised mindfulness for years and wants to share his advice and help others.”

If you don’t know what mindfulness is then it’s like a kind of meditation where you focus on your thoughts and try to clear away unhelpful brain-clutter.

Will’s first public talk is going to take place at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London on May 1.

The singer has spoken publicly about mental health issues in the past and revealed mindfulness helped him overcome his low self-image.

Will sensationally walked out of Strictly Come Dancing last year after an on-screen barny with head judge Len Goodman, although it was suggested that he was finding the pressures of the show too hard to deal with .

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