Will Young just about avoids live TV disaster

Viewers didn't have much sympathy for him

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Poor Will Young doesn’t seem to have much luck with Saturday night TV.

Okay he may have won Pop Idol back in the day but since then, he hasn’t fared so well.

On Strictly, he lost his enthusiasm and decided to quit early on in the series.

Will Young appeared on the final of Pitch Battle (Credit: BBC)

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And last night disaster almost struck when he appeared on the final of the BBC’s talent show Pitch Battle.

As the Pop Idol winner descended the steps at the start of the show with American singer Bebe Rexha on his arm, he almost took a rather nasty tumble.

No sooner had presenter Mel Giedroyc announced, “The wonderful Will Young and the breathtaking Phoebe” and the handsome popstar clad in what looked like a monk’s robe, suddenly looked terrified as he stumbled.

As Will glided down the stairs, he tripped (Credit: BBC)

As he lost his balance, he shot out his arm to grab the bannister so that he could to regain his footing and managed to do so before anything too dramatic happened.

Viewers at home watched on in horror but thought he only had himself to blame.

Some reckoned his odd outfit – a black vest top combined with long flowing black trousers, which Mel called a “sleeveless monk’s onesie” – was a bit of a health hazard.

And it would seem they might be right, as it looks like Will’s dancing feet may have got caught up in the overly long trousers, causing him to trip.

Luckily Will managed to regain his balance (Credit: BBC)

Luckily, the dandy fella didn’t crash down the stairs and hurt himself.

But if he had, just imagine how many times that clip would be shown again and again and again on those bloopers shows!

Will joined, Seal, Chaka Khan, Nick Jonas and more to watch the finalists battle it out to be named the winners of Pitch Battle.

But just before the result, there was another near disaster at the end of the show.

Kelis almost messed things up when she announced the winners too early (Credit: BBC)

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The winner was going to be named during a final pitch battle between the two finalists when dramatically Kelis stride out on stage and join the winning team.

But before the finalists got to sing, Mel handed Kelis the winning envelope who then proceeded to open the envelope.

A panicked Mel told her “Not now, not now, Kelis!” in the knick of time.

In the end, Leeds Contemporary Singers beat All The King’s Men.

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