Will the Spice Girls reunion be saved by a Great British Bake Off star?

Could Candice replace Posh in upcoming celebrations?

The upcoming Spice Girls 20th anniversary reunion looks set to be a right dog’s dinner after Mel C and Victoria Beckham apparently refused to get involved.

But we reckon we might have found a way of getting it back on track.

If Posh is too busy sketching designs for her fashion label, then we reckon we’ve found her perfect replacement.

Step forward cake maker Candice Brown.

GBBO's Candice Brown bears an uncanny resemblance to her idol Victoria Beckham
Candice has an uncanny resemblance to her idol Victoria

Yes, the lippy Great British Bake Off beauty!

Just check out her Twitter feed and you will see that Candice is doppleganger for the super skinny Spice Girl.

The self-confessed Spice Girls fan recently posted a snap of her self on Twitter back in June whilst on holiday in Greece and very much looked the part.

The nose, the hair, the pout, Candice has got Victoria Beckham (above) down to a tee
The nose, the hair and the pout its all there….

Pout! Check! Hair! Check!

Blimey, it’s like they were separated from birth.

Candice is a huge Spice Girls fan

But could Candy cope in the group?

Even though she has gushed about the Spice Girls for years on social media, we’re not sure if she actually has the vocal talent to cut the mustard should she join GEM on tour.

Fans have been left divided over her pouty expressions on GBBO
Candice constantly has a pouty expression, like Posh

But having said that, Victoria’s vocals were never the back bone of the band anyway, so perhaps Candice can slip in to the line up unnoticed.

Can you see the similarity?

Just as long as she perfects that pout and finger-pointing with confidence, no one will ever notice the difference.

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