Will Coronation Street’s Pat Phelan KILL Seb after he pointed the finger in court?

Viewers are worried the troubled teenager is about to become Phelan's next victim

Coronation Street killer Pat Phelan’s lies finally appear to be catching up with him.

In last night’s thrilling episode of Corrie, viewers saw the truth begin to emerge as Seb Franklin admitted that Pat made him accuse Anna Windass of pushing him from his ladder.

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A visibly terrified Seb risked Phelan’s wrath and found the courage to stand up in court and say: “No, it was him that made me say that.”

Seb even literally pointed the finger at Phelan in court and carried on: “Pat Phelan. He’s always had it in for Anna.”

It seemed like victory against the evil murderer couldn’t be far away after that, but Phelan angrily left the court.

As he did, a triumphant Gary Windass caught up with Phelan with a prediction that could well come true.

“Perverting the course of justice, perjury, take your pick,” Gary said. “Now everyone knows how much you’ve lied the police will come knocking next. And once they start digging, who knows what they’ll find?”

Phelan stormed off and headed home, where he quickly packed a bag, seemingly intending to go off on the run.

Gary and Tim headed to the Rovers, where they discussed Seb’s fears that the killer could come looking for him, and, even though Sally played it down, saying ‘Pat’s not going to go after anybody’, Gary seemed to think otherwise.

“He’s scared Sal,” Gary revealed. “He’s terrified Phelan’s going to come after him.”

Funnily enough, Corrie fans seemed to share this point of view and suggested that Seb should be looking over his shoulder following his face-off with Phelan in the courtroom.

While some celebrated Seb’s decision to tell the truth, others suggested that it was Phelan who should be feeling scared as the cops closed in on him.

However, others quickly pointed out that Seb was surely going to be on Phelan’s hit list, saying that his safety was in doubt.

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We’d be surprised if Phelan went down without even more of a fight after his controversial killing spree, which has claimed the lives of Andy Carver and Luke Britton, as well as Vinny Ashford, who Phelan forced Andy to kill.

However it all ends though, you can bet Corrie bosses have got big pans for Pat Phelan, and, whether Seb stays safe or not, this is going to be one soap villain you’re going to want to keep watching.