Coronation Street: Will Eileen die in killer Phelan confrontation?

Has he claimed another victim?

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It was only a matter of time before evil Pat Phelan, the latest Cobbles Killer, struck again – and it looks like his wife Eileen could become his next victim.

Eileen’s injured in a violent showdown at the builder’s yard and rushed to hospital – but was Phelan the culprit, or could Anna Windass be to blame?

Anna’s on the run after escaping from prison, and is skulking around Weatherfield trying to get proof that Phelan set her up and framed her for trying to kill Seb.

Anna is skulking round Weatherfield (Credit: ITV)

Desperate to find anything that could clear her name, she sneaks into the builder’s yard and has a good old root about.

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But can she find what she’s looking for in time?

As Anna searches, she panics when she hears footsteps coming up the stairs. Is Phelan about to catch her red-handed?

Is Phelan about to catch Anna red-handed? (Credit: ITV)

Corrie chiefs are keeping tight-lipped about what happens in the darkened yard, but we do know that a violent confrontation takes place.

Somehow Eileen gets involved and it’s her who ends up in an ambulance, being rushed to hospital.

How does Eileen get involved (Credit: ITV)

Has Eileen heard what’s happened between Anna and Phelan, and been silenced by her violent hubby to stop her spilling the beans?

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Has she seen her man’s true colours and confronted him herself – only to end up badly hurt?

Or was Phelan not involved at all?

Could Anna Windass be responsible for Eileen’s injuries, in a desperate attempt to get herself a ‘get out of jail’ card?

And most importantly of all, is Eileen going to survive?

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