Who will DIE during Emmerdale’s ‘Time Twist’ week?

Eight character's lives are on the line - who will survive?

Next week is going to be scarier than a group of killer clowns on Emmerdale!

The ITV soap has teased shocks and surprises that will see at least one character die before the week is up.

It seems that some of the viewers favourites will see their lives at risk as the soap plans its most sensational storyline so far.

From hanging on a cliff edge to a week of misery for certain villagers, what is for certain is that not everyone makes it to the end alive.

‘Time Twist’ week will see each episode play out the same 24 hours but seen from the perspective of different characters.

It will culminate in a deathly finale.

So, who will go?

Here are the main protagonists and their chances of surviving when it all goes down in the Dales.

Paddy Kirk

Paddy may have accepted that he has reached the point of no return with Rhona but it seems that his love rival Pierce, is still gunning for the bumbling vet.

Pierce is still controlled by the green-eyed monster, when it comes to Rhona and Paddy and there is still the lingering thoughts about avenging the death of his wife Tess.

She was killed by a car while having an affair with Paddy but has the time come for payback?

With Paddy following Rhona to find an enraged Pierce, this could reach a bloody conclusion.

Rhona Goskirk

An innocent hug with Paddy, viewed in the wrong context, could lead to deathly conclusions.

Viewers have suspected that there is something not right with Pierce for a while and it seems that Rhona is now cottoning on to this idea too.

After having a furious row and then meeting up with Paddy and Marlon on their camping trip, Rhona thought it was time to confront a raging Pierce.

With Paddy following on, will there be fatal consequences that change their lives forever?

Pierce Harris

His true colours are going to come shining through.

Pierce will have blood on his hands this week but whose will it be? His partner Rhona will look to calm his temper, while Paddy is always on the hit list.

Will it be his own blood and have Rhona and Paddy done something disastrous?

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Aaron Dingle

What a year it has been for Aaron. After the emotional court case that saw his father jailed for abusing him as a child, he has finally found happiness with Robert Sugden.

Robron is one of the viewers’ favourite couples but it seems that even that could be broken… for good.

With hopes of a proposal from Robert to Aaron, Lachlan decides that it is time to put a spanner in the works and reveal what Robert gets up to when he is not with his boyfriend.

This sends poor Aaron spiralling out of control and leads to, literally, a clifftop ending.

Will the ITV soap write out one of its biggest characters?

Robert Sugden

Where there is Aaron, there is usually Robert (unless he is off cheating behind his boyfriend’s back).

Lachlan’s master plan is to accuse his former father-in-law of sexual abuse. Of course, this goes down like a lead balloon and Aaron decides to bundle the teenager in to the boot of a car.

After Lachlan manages to slip his grasp, the pair give chase but run out of land as a cliff looms large.

Will this be the end of Robron? Will they be together forever, just in another life?

Emma Barton

Emma has never been the full picnic basket and when she finds out that her man, James, has affections for Moira, she decides to bring a permanent ending to this infatuation.

As she nurses James at home after he broke his leg in a fall, Emma ratchets up her intentions to rid him of his desires for Moira.

James gets an inkling of the trouble he’s in when Emma appears in a blood stained wedding dress, dead chicken in hand and brandishing a machete.

As difficult situations go, this is a tight spot for James.

With his life on the line, will James fight back and deliver a killer blow himself?

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James Barton

James finds himself in a situation that is rather akin to the one a writer finds himself in Stephen King’s Misery.

Tied up, with an injured leg and a person in the house that seems hellbent on bringing untold torture to him, it is going to take something big to get out of it.

Emma has lost her mind and is definitely not thinking rationally.

When he finally frees himself, James looks to make a run for it. Well, as best as you can with broken bones.

Will Emma and James’ showdown coincide with other explosive actions in the village. Someone is going to die, could this be the end of James?

Ashley Thomas

Whereas elsewhere in the village it looks like there will be drama all the way, it is going to be a lot more sombre for Ashley.

The vicar has been suffering from dementia for some time now but his condition will take a nosedive, leading him to forgetting his own baby daughter.

With the knowledge that Ashley will eventually succumb to his illness, will this be the tearful goodbye that viewers have been dreading?