Peter Andre’s wife Emily accused of ‘throwing shade’ at Katie Price over cosmetic surgeries

Are we reading too much into this?

Peter Andre’s wife Emily has been accused of throwing shade at his ex-wife Katie Price over her well-documented cosmetic surgeries.

The 28-year-old used her new OK! magazine column to speak about what she called a “worrying trend” in people undergoing cosmetic procedures.

Katie, 39, of course, has always been very open about the surgeries she’s undergone which have included multiple boob jobs.

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Emily is married to Katie’s ex-husband Peter Andre (Credit: Grant Buchanan / FameFlynet.uk.com)

Emily wrote in her column: “I think people often forget there are risks with any procedure you undergo, whether it’s an infection or a reaction to the drugs.

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“Obviously what people choose to do with their body is totally up to them, but I think the quest for perfection is not realistic because there is no such thing as a perfect person, and it sends out a very mixed message to young girls.”

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Katie has been open about her past surgeries (Credit: AMP / FameFlynet.uk.com)

Emily, a qualified doctor, went on to say that she only ever agrees with cosmetic surgery if it’s to fix a particular feature that affects self-esteem.

“If they consider all the risks and benefits and still decide to do it, then I understand that,” she said.

Now, was that really throwing shade? Hmm… It doesn’t really seem in Emily’s nature, does it?

And just last week Peter spoke about how he and Emily enjoy an amicable relationship with Katie and her husband, Kieran Hayler.

He told OK! mag: “We see her. Emily and I see her and Kieran whenever we’re discussing the kids, which is actually quite regularly.”

Emily has been married to Katie’s ex-husband Peter since 2015 and they have two children: Amelia, four, and Theo, one.

Katie and Peter, meanwhile, share kids Junior, 12, and Princess, ten.

The former couple made headlines in January when they bumped into each other at the NTAs, but again Pete told OK! he didn’t see what the big deal was.

“We speak regarding the children so it didn’t even cross my mind that anyone would be bothered. She came in, we gave each other a peck on the cheek.”

There’s been no word from Katie on Emily’s column yet – although, funnily enough, she did spend last night Instagramming videos as she underwent a non-surgical bum lift.

Katie spoke about her surgeries on The Ray D’Arcy Show (Credit: RTE)

Katie spoke about her surgeries on Ireland’s The Ray D’Arcy Show over the weekend, saying she’s about to have her “face done” as the last time she went under the knife the results didn’t come out as expected.

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“I’m having my face done in two weeks so I will look younger!” she said.

“I know I’m mad, I don’t care, don’t sound like my mum having a go at me! My mum moans at me every day. They all moan at me, all of them.”

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