Why were Nadia Sawalha and Kaye Adams separated on Loose Women?

They've both got HUGE personalities...

We thought these two LOVED each other!

Loose Women presenter’s Nadia Sawalha and Kaye Adams apparently aren’t getting on too well.

Andrea McLean introduced the show and explained what was coming up on Friday’s show.

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But while the host was chatting to the camera, something was happening behind-the-scenes.

Andrea turned around and immediately noticed something was different.

For some reason Nadia and Saira Khan had swapped seats.

Nadia, 52, then went on to say: “A producer just said to me to swap with Saira because they were worried me and Kaye would argue.”

Andrea replied: “I don’t think a seat is going to stop you.”

Ha! Isn’t that the truth…

Kaye then started disagreeing with the rest of the ladies when they were having a debate about whether it matters if a child has their haircut at nursery.

The feisty Scot then told them to “calm down” and “stop being so melodramatic.”

You can certainly rely on this show to give us some good TV!

Actress Nadia got into a bit of trouble during the National Television Awards on Wednesday night.

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While Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby accepted their award, she was seen uttering some naughty words to a man sitting just behind her.

She said: “Every f***ing year. Every f***ing year.”

She has since defended her rant, and said she doesn’t care what anyone says.

Oh, we love her.

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