Why is Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha taunting viewers?

What IS going on with that blouse?

Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha was wearing the same top AGAIN on Friday’s show, and fans are desperate to know what’s going on.

Viewer’s couldn’t believe it when they saw she was wearing the same pink snakeskin blouse and choker combo for yet another show.

We hope she washed it!

Venting their frustration at her apparent lack of wardrobe options, they took to Twitter to express their feelings.

It really seems to be winding people up!

She first wore it on the 4th January show, then brought it out again on the 9th, 17th, 19th and today. But she doesn’t always have the choker on. Intriguing…

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It’s take a while, but at last the presenter has spoken out about her clothing choices. Taking to the Loose Women Twitter page, she gave her word she wouldn’t keep us guessing much longer.

A clip saw Nadia’s colleagues complimenting her on what she was wearing before she turned to the camera with a sneaky smile and said:

“They haven’t noticed, but you have.

“I promise I’ll reveal all next week.”

Giving us a wink, she signed off.

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We wonder what it could be? Is it a bet? does she have a point to prove? Or is there something more charitable going on – is she raising money for a good cause by wearing it every day?

We’re almost bursting to find out!

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