Why did The Beast punch a table on The Chase?

The Chaser couldn't control his anger!

Fans of the The Chase will know it’s a rare occurrence when contestants leave the show triumphant.

In most episodes those grumpy Chasers manage to outwit those ever-so-keen wannabes and are seen laughing as they go home empty handed!

But sometimes – believe it or not – the Chasers do get their comeuppance and are left to walk away with their heads held very low, while the contestants are left counting their lolly.

In yesterday’s episode, a four-person team managed to whip the Beast’s butt and win a whopping £23, 000 that left viewers – and the Beast – stunned.

In fact the beefy Chaser was so super-miffed that he failed to beat his challengers, that he started punching his table in frustration!

“You put me under pressure,” Mark said, as he grudgingly congratulated the victors for out-playing him.

Viewers saw the clever clogs get six questions wrong and four successful push backs by the team.

Mark even made the error of chipping in before Bradley Walsh had finished asking a question, which resulted in him giving him the wrong answer! Ouch!

It was clear from early on in the show that the Beast was having a particularly bad day as he had been unable to eliminate any of the contestants in the head-to-head rounds, which is almost unheard of.

And in fairness to the team of four contestants, they played it clever by sticking to their cash builder money instead of being super greedy and opting for the ever so tempting higher offer .

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Civil servant Mahtab from Bradford was offered a higher offer but opted for the ‘safer’ £9,000 and won it.

“What’s wrong with these people?” Mark exclaimed to Bradley, 56, when another person turned down a higher offer.

The Beast is no stranger to losing his temper on the show.

In a previous episode, Mark was so furious at losing that he punched a wall and stormed off after he lost out to a different team.

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