Whodunnit? Broadchurch finale’s roll call of prime suspects

Have you figured it out?

Viewers have been speculating for weeks as to who is behind the brutal attack and rape of Trish Winterman in Broadchurch.

Broadchurch (ITV)

The list of suspects has been whittled down but, in true Broadchurch style, writer Chris Chibnall has left the door of speculation wide open.

Here is a list of who it could be:

Ian Winterman, Trish’s ex

Charlie Higson in Broadchurch (ITV)

Ian’s card was marked the moment he had to ask his former student, Leo Humphries, to remove the spyware he had had installed on Trish’s laptop.

He came clean to the police and Trish in the penultimate episode, but you have to wonder if that is all he is hiding.

Jim Atwood, her best friend’s husband

Cath and her husband Jim (ITV)

The revelation that Jim and Trish had sex on the morning of his wife Cath’s 50th birthday caused ripples. But Cath (Sarah Parish) seemed to be on the verge of forgiving Jim, until she searched his car and found a pack of opened condoms.

The fact that they are the same brand as the condom wrappers found at the crime scene does not bode well for Jim. Then there is the breakdown services element of his business which has the police questioning his whereabouts as new rape cases have come to light.

Clive Lucas, the surly cab driver

Clive Lucas (ITV)

Clive has been lurking in the background as ominously as the mists that creep over the Dorset cliffs, and it looks as though his wife has just uncovered something big in their garage. Apart from Jim, Clive is the person arousing the most suspicion.

But would marking him as the rapist be too obvious a choice? This is Chris Chibnall after all, and as a writer he does love a good cliff-hanger.

Ed Burnett, shop owner and Trish’s boss

Ed Burnett in Broadchurch (ITV)

Ed seems like Mr Nice Guy, but his arrest changed that all. It turned out he was the one who sent Trish flowers – but why did he not put his name on the card?

Then there are the reams of photographs of her on his laptop, mostly taken from afar without her knowing, which just scream “stalker”.

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His suit from the party was also covered in mud – and Trish’s attack took place on a muddy embankment near a river.

But is this just a red herring? Maybe he did really fall down walking through the forest as he said.

Leo Humphries

Chris Mason as Leo Humphries (ITV)

The former student of Ian Winterman was the one who helped Trish’s ex instal illegal software on her laptop. He also got his girlfriend to lie to Detectives Ellie Miller and Alec Hardy for him.

He has spilled the beans about the laptop to the police, so can he now walk away guilt-free?

We’ll just have to wait until tonight to find out…

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Meanwhile, writer Chris has been speaking about his decision to ‘kill off’ the show – lauded as one of ITV’s best ever dramas – after just three series.

“I felt like a bit of an idiot. I was like, ‘Why am I saying goodbye to David and Olivia and all these brilliant people?’

“But I didn’t have another story to tell in this world and I think it’s nice to go out on such strong form.”

Fair enough. Perhaps he’ll conjure one up in time for a 10-year anniversary…

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