Whoa! Daredevil diver Tom Daley shares the most extreme selfie ever

He shared the action shot to his followers

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Tom Daley has shared the coolest selfie to his fans on Instagram.

The Olympic diver took a snap while leaping off a diving board.

He wanted it to be a world first, and took up the challenge to take the first ever selfie during a reverse rotation ‘gainer’ dive.

Into the deep! Tom took the coolest selfie while diving (Credit: Instagram/@tomdaley1994)

Tom, 23, did dozens of dives to get the perfect shot at the London Aquatics Centre.

He captioned the incredible shot: “Think this might be my most extreme selfie ever! I’ve been having loads of fun with the new HTC U11 using the squeezy selfie feature to capture some cool diving selfies.

“Falling backward off a 10m…just chillin’ 😂 @htc_uk #HTCU11 #HTC #ExtremeSelfies #Selfie #Spon”


His followers couldn’t believe how he managed to do it.

One commented: “Haha! How on gods green earth can you still look so good taking a selfie upside down whilst doing your falling?! Brilliant! My normal right way round selfie skills are appalling!” [sic]

“Omg wow 😂 don’t land on your face!”, said a second.

Laughing, a third added: “Didn’t know you can multitask while diving 😂”

“Fab picture! 👏❤💪”, said another impressed fan.

Talking to the Daily Mail, he said: “It took a few attempts to perfect my dive, but after a few belly flops I got there.

“I have to say the final photos are easily some of my favourite diving shots ever.”

The ‘gainer’ dive is a slow rotation move where the diver does a backwards somersault while moving forward at the same time.

Tom’s been a busy bee of late, what with getting married to 43-year-old partner Dustin Lance Black in May, and he’s now launching his second cookbook.

The book is a follow-up to Tom’s Daily Plan, and will include food and fitness tips.

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Growing up, he loved Jamie Oliver, and wants to be just like him!

“I am a big fan of his work and attitude to cooking and food. I got to meet him for the first time last year. He was so generous with his advice and we’ve stayed in touch since”, he told the Daily Mail.

“His FoodTube channel is something I love watching and I’m hoping to have the same success as him on my own channel that’s just hit 400,000 subscribers this week – which I am thrilled about.”

Is there anything he can’t do?

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