Who IS this mystery housemate in the new Celeb Big Brother trailer?

Series begins on January 3

New Year, fresh Celebrity Big Brother.

And Channel 5 is wasting no time over the festive period teasing viewers about who will be entering the house.

The trailer for the new pop-themed series has been released.

And fans are particularly intrigued about who one housemate – featured in red silhouette in the short clip – could be.

Given the shapely form of the (seemingly) female contestant, favourites in the frame are former CBB players Gemma Collins, White Dee and Coleen Nolan.

Whatever her identity, she says in the clip (her voice disguised…): “I’m going to get in that house, and if my gut instinct tells me that somebody’s fake – or if they’re p***ing me off, I’m definitely going to tell them.

“I think it might be the house from hell. Watch this space.”

Gemma Collins first appeared on the show last year, while “White Dee” aka Deidre Kelly finished in fifth place in 2014.

One viewer of the clip on YouTube wrote: “It’s Coleen Nolan she was rumoured to be back in the papers looks like her hair and shape”

Another speculated: “The jacket the woman is wearing matches the one colleen wore for her profile pic last time”

There is one more woman in the frame – rather, one who has placed herself in it.

Natalie Rowe has got people wondering if it is her after she retweeted the video.

She appeared in the civilian version last September and became something of a Marmite figure.

One viewer wrote under the clip: “That better not be f***ing Natalie”, and she shot back: “Or else WHAT ????????”

CBB bosses have not revealed who will be entering the Elstree compound for the All stars vs New Stars series on January 3.

Lee Ryan and Perez Hilton – sadly – have both ruled themselves out of returning.

Former Blue singer Lee revealed he needed therapy after his last – legendary – stint.

He told new! magazine: “I promise you on my life I wouldn’t do that. I couldn’t think of anything worse.”

We. Can’t. WAIT!

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