Who is Pierce’s mystery woman in Emmerdale?

He received a note saying she still loved him

Emmerdale’s Pierce Harris is always up to no good, but last night he really got viewers wondering when he received a mysterious note.

His old uni friend, Gavin, turned up and passed him a letter from a woman named Martha – just who is she?

While Rhona and former best mate Vanessa Woodfield were making small steps in repairing their relationship, Pierce seemed strangely not bothered by it.

He was also dodging calls on his mobile and lying to Rhona about who they were from. Curious.

When Rhona got home to find property expert Gavin in there talking about houses in the Lake District, she was taken aback at Pierce suggesting they move.

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Although she told him she was tempted, she wasn’t keen to discuss things there and then and escaped back to work.

Left alone with Pierce, Gavin approached him about another matter.

“This is one of those don’t shoot the messenger moments, but news of your big day has got around,” he said.

“Martha found me and she asked me to give you this,” before handing Pierce a note. The vicious lawyer then ripped it up before he even read it.

“She really misses you and she reckons deep down you miss her too,” Gavin added.

Pierce told him to forget he’d ever seen whoever this Martha is, and they left together.

But Vanessa had clocked the exchange and seen Pierce screw the ripped paper up and throw it over the bar. As soon as he left, she raced round and picked it up.

Reading it, she was shocked by its contents – revealing that Martha still loves him and thought he felt the same about her.

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So just who is Martha? Is she someone who could derail Pierce’s wedding? And just why didn’t he want to hear from her?

Viewers were left equally as intrigued by this latest twist:

But some people already have their theories. One thinks Pierce has definitely got another woman.

While another is convinced Martha is his mother.

With Vanessa now on a mission to find out exactly who this person is, she’s set to bring them to Rhona’s hen do tonight.

And it’s fair to say Pierce isn’t pleased to see whoever it is.

So just who is Martha? And will she be the person to finally persuade Rhona that Pierce is no good?

With the news Pierce is set to attack Rhona on their wedding night, we know she goes ahead with the wedding, but could Martha play a significant part in rescuing Rhona in the future?