Who is Scarlett Moffatt mistaken for ‘all the time’ by (ultimately disappointed) fans?

Well they DO look alike...

They say everyone has a doppelganger, and former Gogglebox star turned TV presenter Scarlett Moffatt hasn’t had to search far for hers.

Their paths have crossed professionally, and barely a day goes by without her (apparent) mirror image staring back at her from a TV screen or magazine page.

Can you guess who it is? (Credit: ITV)

So who is Scarlett’s separated-at-birth twinnie?

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Step forward none other than Jesy Nelson from Little Mix!

Jesy… or is is Scarlett? (Credit: Instagram)

And she’s not wrong, is she? They’ve both got the heart-shaped faces, doe eyes and extra-long locks.

We get it.

Scarlett, 27, who is currently gracing our screens presenting the I’m a Celebrity spin off show Extra Camp, made the big lookey-likey revelation in a wide-ranging interview with The Sun.

In it, she discussed everything from her pet name for her sister Ava (Princess) to what the current screen saver is on her phone (a pic of her with a bunch of drag queens) through to a near-death experience she had when she was 11 and was hit by a car when out on her bike. Eek.

But the main takeaway has to be the Jesy-a-like anecdote.

“I get mistaken for Jesy Nelson from Little Mix all the time,” Scarlett said.

“I went to the Capital Jingle Bell Ball two years ago and Little Mix were performing. It was when I was doing radio for Capital. Suddenly these kids just started chasing me. I thought: ‘God, they must watch Gogglebox.’”

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Scarlett ‘fessed up that she soon realised the real reason behind her ‘fans’ enthusiasm and adoration though – a case of mistaken identity.

“They started shouting ‘Jesy!'” the crestfallen star admitted, adding: “They looked so disappointed!”

Aw, we bet they weren’t that disappointed!

Scarlett & Jesy, Jesy & Scarlett (Credit: Instagram)

We’d have all done the same, right?

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