Matt Hancock's wife

Who is Matt Hancock’s wife? How long have the former Health Secretary and Martha been married?

They've been married for some 15 years....

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Who is Matt Hancock’s wife? Many of us have wondered who the former Health Secretary is married to since damning photos emerged of him kissing another woman.

This photos taken from CCTV were published in The Sun yesterday (June 26) and showed Matt Hancock smooching aide Gina Coladangelo.

The married dad, 42, has apologised for the indiscretion.

Last night, he also quit his job as Boris Johnson’s Health Secretary.

Matt Hancock's wife
Matt Hancock is married to osteopath Martha Hancock (Credit: Splash)

His wife Martha, 44, has been photographed leaving her London home since the story broke.

And she is still wearing her wedding ring.

So who is Martha? And how many children do they have? When did they get married?

We answer these questions and more below…

Who is Matt Hancock’s wife Martha Hancock?

Martha Hancock is the wife of the former Secretary of State for Health of the United Kingdom, Matt Hancock.

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She is 44 and is an osteopath who lives between their family homes in North London and Little Thurlow, West Suffolk.

Her maiden name is Martha Hoyer Millar. She is from an aristocratic background.

Her grandfather was the 1st Baron Inchyra and her great grandfather was the 1st Viscount Camrose.

Matt Hancock's wife
Matt Hancock has been accused of having an extramarital affair (Credit: SplashNews)

When did Matt and wife Martha Hancock marry?

Matt and Martha have been married for 15 years, having tied the knot in 2006.

They meet while they were both students at Oxford University.

How many children do Matt Hancock and Martha have?

The couple share three children – two sons and one daughter.

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Their names and ages are unconfirmed, as their parents want them kept out of the limelight.

In fact, Matt has said he doesn’t allow his children to have social media.

Matt Hancock's wife
Matt Hancock has apologised for the scandal (Credit: SplashNews)

He said he is particularly concerned on how social media can affect young people’s self-esteem.

While speaking to Grazia, he said young women in particular are “too often in despair looking at pictures they see online and thinking, ‘Why don’t I look like that?’, even though many of these pictures are staged – it’s not just somebody on a normal day in their normal setting.”

Meanwhile Matt took paternity leave in 2013 following the birth of his third child.

He said at the time: “I am taking paternity leave myself. It’s important to form a strong bond with your children.”

What has Hancock’s wife Martha said about the scandal?

Although she’s been seen outside her home, Martha hasn’t yet broken her silence.

However, reports today (June 27) claim Hancock told his wife of the affair and that he was leaving her on Thursday (June 24).

Friends have claimed the couple have been having an affair for six weeks and things are “serious” between the pair.

In fact, friends have declared: “It’s a love match.”

How much are Matt and Martha worth?

Matt and Martha are believed to be worth several million.

Although Martha’s net worth isn’t known, Matt is believed to be worth around £2-3 million according to GrandCelebs.

Who is Gina Coladangelo?

Gina is a millionaire businesswoman who is serving as an advisor for the Department of Health.

She is married to Oliver Tress, who is the founder of the lifestyle brand and chain of shops Oliver Bonas.

Gina serves as director of communications for the company.

She shares three children with her husband Oliver.

This power couple are estimated to be worth at least £12 million.

There was controversy when Gina was originally appointed by Matt.

Some argued her appointment was a classic example of “chumocracy”. It was also reported that she was repeatedly invited into confidential and senior meetings.

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