CBeebies presenter George Webster

Who is George Webster? New CBeebies presenter with Down’s Syndrome makes history

Fans are loving CBeebies' new addition

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George Webster has joined CBeebies as a permanent presenter, and fans couldn’t be more delighted.

Fans of the kids channel have inundated George with messages of love and support since he made his debut on September 20.

And they’re excited to see much more of George  in role at the CBeebies House in the future.

So who is George Webster?

George is a 21-year-old from Leeds.

He is an actor, dancer and ambassador for the charity Mencap.

George has starred as a guest presenter on CBeebies and the BBC has announced George will be a permanent presenter.

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The channel tweeted to viewers: “He loves cooking and dancing, and he can’t wait to be your friend.”

What else has George Webster done?

George was scouted by the BBC for his work raising awareness of Down’s Syndrome.

He was asked to present a special BBC Bitesize segment.

In the film, George says: “I call myself George because that’s who I am. Not Down’s George.

“People with Down’s syndrome have emotions and feelings like every other person.

“I have an amazing life. It’s been very positive. I loved going to school.”

George said he went to two ‘amazing’ schools.

He said: “I had support at both schools, which helped me in my education.

“I got GCSEs and an A-level equivalent in BTec sport, level 3.”

How does George Webster feel about his CBeebies debut?

Although George has appeared as a guest host before, he is delighted to be joining for good.

He watched his pre-recorded segment at home with his family.

Upbeat George said: “I just felt really positive and excited and happy to get going.”

Mum Jane said: “I was blubbing one minute and smiling the next. I just love his work ethic and his positivity.

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“We always say George’s days are all 10 out of 10 because he makes them like that.”

George appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain and was asked by Susanna Reid how he felt about being a role model.

He replied: “It feels really good. All I would say is dream big and live your life, hard work always pays off.”

Cbeebies new presenter George Webster
George on GMB today (Credit: ITV)

How did George Webster’s fans react?

Social media users went wild with messages of support and congratulations for George.

One said: “Congratulations for George Webster on getting the CBeebies job. What a lovely, inspirational man. Watching him on GMB and he’s brilliant.

“My days of watching CBeebies are long gone, but he is class!!!”

Another said: “George Webster is the new CBeebies presenter, what a legend.”

Doctor Who super-fan George even got a video message from Jodie Whittaker on GMB.

She said: “I think you are absolutely smashing CBeebies and I’m so chuffed for you.

“I think you’re doing a brilliant job, I just wanted to send you loads and loads of love and a high five.”

In addition, she added: “I hope one day that we get to meet, mate.”

George was seen mouthing ‘Oh my God’ before laughing in disbelief.

What’s next for George Webster?

George is expected to be on CBeebies at least every other Friday

“We originally agreed for George to be a guest presenter just to ease him in and introduce him to the CBeebies family.

“But actually, I think rapidly we’re already looking at a Friday every other week, aren’t we, George?” said the CBeebies producer Claire Taylor on a three-way video call with her new star and the Guardian.

“And then I’m sure that it will come to a weekly slot, if not more.”

George also said on GMB that he’s love to try out his dance moves on Strictly Come Dancing one day.

There’s also a CBeebies special being planned with his childhood hero Mr Tumble.