Which Big Brother legends could be headed back to the house?

Surely enough is enough for these two veterans!

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Big Brother legend Nikki Grahame always looks kind of out of place in the real world doesn’t she? Like a unicorn in Bognor. She just belongs in the Big Brother house having tantrums!

Well, now she’s making yet another bid to storm her way back into her home from home.

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She says she loves the couples theme producers have planned for this summer’s series and she thinks she would be a perfect choice for Channel 5 bosses.

Only one problem…who on earth would want to be fiery Nikki’s other half?

Lucky friend Brian Dowling has been nominated by the BB Queen herself.

Nikki first took Big Brother by storm back in 2007 during the show’s Channel 4 heyday.

But it was during her return to the show in 2010 that she met pal Brian Dowling.

Now she’s said: “I love doing Big Brother – I will never tire of that show. I think the couple thing is a fantastic new twist.

“If I go back in, in a couple, I would have to be paired up with Brian Dowling. I would force him to share a bed with me.”

What if Brian did the unthinkable and turned Nikki down on her invitation though?

The mini-tornado has thought of that. She says her back-up buddy would have to be “ghetto girl” Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace.

She said: “If not Brian, it would have to be my ghetto girl Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace. The producers are on it – they love new twists every series.”

Bosses are rumoured to be setting up celebrity couples for the new series already and it’s thought Charlotte Crosby and Big Brother terror Stephen Bear may already have signed up, as well as the Peru Two and 80s one hit wonders, the Reynolds Girls!

The Daily Star has also reported that last summer’s doomed romantics Andy West and his now very much ex-fiancé Ed Hutton. They suffered a very public split last August when it was revealed Ed had been unfaithful while his man was in the house.

A source said ‘Andy and Ed are not in touch so it’s very unlikely they’ll be going back in the house together but if they did…it would definitely make for interesting viewing.’

A show insider said: “It’s seriously early for anything to be set in stone but bosses are working hard on the idea and talking to the couples about big money deals to firmly secure them for the series in the summer.”

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Other terrible twos include The Cheeky Girls and ‘Fat Scroungers’ Michelle and Stephen Beer.

Nikki Grahame is probably the juiciest prospect though. She never fails to entertain.