‘Where is Lisa from Steps?’ Graham Norton fans baffled as star is ‘replaced’ in original line-up

Lisa Scott-Lee will be back!

Baffled fans wondered where Lisa from Steps is these days after the band featured on The Graham Norton Show without their original line up.

The legendary UK pop band are back with another new single this month (April).

This time around, they’ve enlisted the help of Strictly star Michelle Visage to feature on the track.

For those who don’t know, before her spot on Drag Race Michelle used to be a pop star back in the ’80s.

On Friday night, the band appeared alongside Michelle on The Graham Norton Show to promote the song.

Steps appeared on Graham Norton without Lisa (Credit: BBC)

Worried fans ask where Lisa from Steps is

However, fans were quick to notice something strange.

Lisa Scott-Lee was absolutely nowhere to be seen!

Instead, Michelle appeared to be stepping in as a new member.

“This has been Michelle’s wish for many years,” said Lee Latchford-Evans.

“She actually did manifest this! You sent us a tweet in 2014 saying ‘I would like to be known as Michelle from Steps!”

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Fans rushed to social media to question where Lisa was.

Some even wondered if she had been replaced full-time.

“Ok what have they done with Lisa? #TheGNShow” said one confused fan.

“#TheGNShow so steps lost a member and now they’re singing with a replacement?” questioned a second. 

A third fan asked: “Wait is Lisa still in Steps? #GrahamNortonShow #TheGNShow #Steps.”

While a fourth added: “There is one missing #TheGNShow.”

Lisa Scott-Lee will be back for the group’s tour (Credit: Twitter)

Lee-Latchford Evans reveals the truth behind Lisa’s disappearance

However, thankfully, Lee made sure to address Lisa’s disappearance.

“Lisa will be on tour with us! She sends her love, she just sadly can’t be there today!” he added.

It turns out that Lisa actually lives across the world, in Dubai.

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As a result, due to the coronavirus restrictions, she was unable to make it to film for Graham Norton.

Steps will be going on tour later this year.

Beforehand, their second new album within the space of a year will hit shelves in Summer.

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