What is OnlyFans?

What is OnlyFans and why could signing up be the best thing you ever do?

Contrary to popular opinion, it's not all about sex…

OnlyFans is a saucy subscription site taking the internet by storm, but what is OnlyFans, and why should you consider signing up?

Models, influencers and celebrities alike are all on there.

And, as OnlyFans millionaire Kerry Katona admitted last week, they’re her boobs and she’ll do what she wants with them!

What is OnlyFans?
Kerry Katona revealed she’s become a millionaire thanks to OnlyFans (Credit: Splash News)

So what is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a content subscription service where “content creators” can earn money from users who subscribe to their content – the “fans”.

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It allows content creators to receive funding directly from their fans on a monthly basis.

There’s also the option to give one-time tips and the site also has a pay-per-view feature.

How does OnlyFans work?

OnlyFans allows creators to upload any kind of content, including porn, and lock it behind a paywall.

Creators can use it to offer videos, photos and even chances to chat one-on-one for a price.

In May 2020, CEO Tim Stokely revealed OnlyFans had been seeing 200,000 new users every 24 hours and 6,000 to 8,000 new creators joining every day.

So is it just about sex?

Models, musicians, actors, fitness experts and influencers all use OnlyFans to generate revenue.

Although the content isn’t solely about sex, a lot of it is and, as a result, the minimum sign up age is 18.

Rapper Cardi B is on there and doesn’t share any explicit content. Instead she details moments from her day-to-day life – and fans lap it up.

One look on the OnlyFans Instagram account shows there’s more to the site than naked women.

You can take part in exclusive cooking classes, follow personal trainers and their exercise tips, listen to new music and even learn how to surf.

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What other celebs are on there?

Kerry Katona signed up so she could be “in control” of her glamour shoots – something she reiterated on Loose Women last week.

She said: “I’m doing OnlyFans, it’s an over 18-year-old site. There are actors on TV simulating sex, faking orgasms, then they’re walking down red carpets and they’re loved.

“I show a nipple and I’m ‘obsessed’. Who decides on what is what and what is acceptable?”

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Kerry also revealed that working on the site has helped make her a millionaire.

“I have made a million pounds by doing what I’m doing. I’m so open and so out there, and my kids are so okay with it.

“I have made a little empire now for myself, for my children, my children want for nothing now. I crawled my way back from bankruptcy so I don’t care what anyone else says. I’ve done this by myself and I’m really proud,” she said.

Lauren Goodger, Danielle Lloyd and Megan Barton-Hanson are also on the site.

What is OnlyFans?
Models and influencers are making a pretty penny from the site (Credit: Pexels/stock picture)

So why should I consider signing up?

Sex sells and it might just lead to a bit of a windfall – it certainly has for a handful of influencers.

One model, 24, revealed she bought her dream five-bedroom £535,000 house with her profits from the site, putting down 50% of the cost as her deposit thanks to OnlyFans.

Another 20-year-old OnlyFans devotee quit her job in a shop and bought a £210k house by selling raunchy pictures.

And, the thing with OnlyFans is the site has a number of safeguards in place.

As well as the age restriction, content is protected so it can’t be reproduced elsewhere.

If you’re got it, flaunt it people – it’s your body and only you can decide what you do with it.

As Kerry said to the Loose Women: “These boobies are mine! I’m in control of it!”

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