What IS going on with pregnant Leanne’s walk?

Baffled viewers are ripping it to pieces

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It may be the season of goodwill to all mankind but Coronation Street viewers are not holding back on pregnant character Leanne Battersby.

She is pregnant with Steve McDonald’s baby and Corrie watchers are tearing into Jane Danson, who plays Leanne.

They have taken to Twitter to call out the pregnant character’s walk, which is nothing less than bizarre to be fair.

It is meant to emphasise how heavily she is carrying her unborn child but viewers are unconvinced about her portrayal.

One suggested that Leanne may be spending time sitting in a higher place during the day…

Another reckons she might be channelling the spirit of Monty Python…

There was a suggestion that she may be ready to lay an egg…

While a huge consensus thought that she might have been caught short…

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While Leanne was waddling out on the street, in the Rovers Return there was a lack of Christmas spirit.

Adam Barlow was shouting his mouth off about Maria and her brother, Kirk Whyment, decided that he would get tasty with his fists.

Fortunately he was stopped by Aidan Connor from landing his punch but when Adam continued to mouth off, Aidan took it into his own hands to sort out the situation.

Is Aidan’s attack on Adam another public show of his affection for Maria, or will it look like he’s standing up for a friend?

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What was for certain, it brought a halt to any pre-Christmas frivolities in the Rovers.