Were those tears John Torode wiped away for Masterchef winner?

Emotions ran high as the winner of the popular cooking show was announced

Who doesn’t love to see a grown man cry, eh?

Well, the moment the winner of this year’s Masterchef was announced, an unlikely candidate showed some very modern emotion.

Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed, Giovanna Ryan and Steve Kielty and made it through to the MasterChef final (Credit: BBC)

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When Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed was named as the winner of the 2017 series, tough guy John Torode looked as though he was shedding a tear!

Gregg Wallace and John Torode announced Sal as the winner (Credit: BBC)

As he watched the jubilant amateur chef fall into an emotional hug with runners up teacher and musician Giovanna Ryan and sound engineer Steve Kielty, John could be seen wiping away not just one tear, but THREE.

John Torode couldn’t contain his emotions (Credit: BBC)

That’s some tears from an old guy!

But maybe he wasn’t crying! Maybe he was just wiping the sweat from the hot kitchen set out of his eyes.

Nah, who we kidding? The big crybaby was weeping.

And bravo! We need more men to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

John wiped his eyes three times! Bless him! (Credit: BBC)

The 29 year-old gastroenterologist scooped the MasterChef title after whipping up a rather tasty main course of Kashmiri style sous-vide duck breast and her incredible dessert.

“I feel amazing right now, I can’t actually believe that this is true,” she giddily said, trying to take in the news.

“I’m so happy that my cheekbones are hurting and I’m probably going to have a paracetamol for smile-induced fatigue!”

“I feel amazing right now, I can’t actually believe that this is true,” Saliha said after winning. (Credit: BBC)

And emotional John was more than happy with the victor, gushing: “Saliha is a class act.

“She’s walked in here and has taken her food culture apart and put it back together in a modern and very exciting way.”

“Saliha is a class act,” said John Torode (Credit:BBC)

High praise indeed.

That said, it shouldn’t have come as too much of a shock as hospital doctor Saliha says she has been handy in the kitchen since she was just 12 years old.

The end of series was very emotional (Credit: BBC)

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And her main inspiration is? No, not Fanny Craddock or Rustie Leee. It’s her dear old mum, who she describes as an “amazing cook”.

Now the jubilant foodie is hoping to publish a cook book!