Weird question: Do you want to know what Gary Lucy has got stored in his garage?

This might be the oddest thing you read today

Gary Lucy has a load of Madonna’s rugs stuffed in his garage.

This isn’t a joke so don’t go waiting for the punchline or anything; he’s just got Madonna’s rugs hidden in his garage.

Gary bought them when he was at a celebrity auction and left the room to return thinking they were selling Paul Weller’s guitars. He made a bid but got it wrong and ended up with Madonna’s carpet.

Just be glad you didn’t get ours, Gaz, it’s got a terrible red wine stain on the corner.

Gary – who recently rejoined Hollyoaks to reprise his role as Luke Morgan – made the random revelation as he spoke to TV Magazine at The Sun.

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“The biggest waste of money I ever spent was on Madonna’s rugs – I bought them at a charity auction,” he explained.

“I thought I was buying Paul Weller’s signed guitar! I came back into the room just as they mentioned that as the next lot, so I eagerly put my hand up but it wasn’t for the guitar – now I’ve got Madonna’s rugs rolled up in my dad’s garage.

“So if any of your readers are big Madonna fans, they know where to come. I’ve got the letter of authentication…”

If you were hoping to see Gary – who has three children with wife Tash – rock up on your screens in a reality show soon, you’ll be disappointed. Because he doesn’t sound that keen.

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“There was one reality show I got offered a lot of money to do, but I didn’t do it,” he told the magazine.

“I would have ended up strangling someone in there. I think you can guess which show that is…

“They put people in there for that reason. Some of the people on it are vile and I wouldn’t stand for that from me or anyone else. I don’t think that would have been a very good move for me.”

On the plus side, Gary will be back on screen in Hollyoaks this week after years and years away, alongside his former co-star Sarah Jayne Dunn who plays Mandy. This is SO RETRO. What next? Tony coming back? Oh. Wait.

The comeback will be part of a huge few months for the soap, which will have the theme ‘Summer Of Secrets’ (#HollyoaksSOS).

To be honest, we’re just hoping that Gary can remember what on earth’s going on, since he’s revealed that he struggles when it comes to remembering lines. No biggie! You’re just an actor! It’s not like remembering lines is crucial to your job or anything.

“My Hollyoaks cast members would say my most annoying habit is forgetting my lines,” he laughed.

“I’ve got a memory like a sieve. If there are any script amendments and I’ve learned it one way, then good luck trying to get me to learn it another way.

“I haven’t found a way to cheat. Ross Davidson – who played Luke’s dad Andy – God rest his soul [Ross died in 2006] used to find remembering lines a nightmare and would sometimes write them in the sink if he was doing the washing up! He had loads of little tricks.”

Maybe write them on the back of Madonna’s carpet then donate them to the set designers? Just trying to fix two problems in one here.

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